Slippers aren’t usually made out of flannel, but they do make them with fleece linings which are great for keeping your feet toasty warm in the winter.  They make an excellent addition to the pajamas and some might even be squeezed into a stocking.

Redwood Pattern Slipper Woolrich Women’s Easy Threads Scuff

EMU Australia Women’s Jolie Slipper EMU Australia Women’s Cuddles Slipper Daniel Green Women’s Heidi Slipper Scuff
UGGS “Australia”
Womens UGG Australia Dakota Slipper

Most people think of slippers as being low cut like loafers or moccasins, but they are also available in a higher cut that goes above the ankle, to mid-calf and sometimes even to the knee. Seems the term slipper denotes easy-on easy off and not intended for outdoor wear.

Woolrich Women’s
Chalet Sock II Slipper
Woolrich Women’s Redwood Bootie

Muk Luk: The word “mukluk” is of Yupik origin, from maklak, the bearded seal. They are a soft boot traditionally made of reindeer skin or sealskin and were originally worn by Arctic aboriginal people.  The term mukluk is often used for any soft boot designed for cold weather and modern designs are often similar to high-top athletic shoes.  For indoor slipper like use, the most common versions found now-a-days are knitted tops attached to a leather bottom. Also below are more traditional, outdoor use mukluks.

Mukluks Wool Slipper Sox with Leather Sole Manitobah Mukluks Women’s Original Mukluk Slip On Boot Manitobah Mukluks Women’s Half Wrap Muk Slip On Boot

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