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Womens Flannel Pajama Pants Jersey Top

These Women’s flannel pajamas Pants jersey top are the perfect thing for that cold wintery night. Most of these Flannel Pajamas are Christmas themed. The choices are geese, moose, sheep, trees waiting to be cut down for Christmas, snowflakes, Penguins and sheep. I said sheep twice because there are several choices involving sheep. There are a couple of non-Christmas motif ones to choose from but they are cute just the same. These pajama sets all feature long flannel pants with a drawstring waist and a jersey style long sleeve tee-shirt with crew neck. The colors vary from a Christmas Red to wintery blues, light greens and even pink.

Many more options/choices

click on your favorite one and you’ll be taken to a detail page. If you don’t like what you see, look for the thumbnail images there are numerous other choices that may be more to your fancy for Womens Flannel Pajama Pants Jersey Tops! Again there are moose pajamas, penguin pajamas, sheep pajamas, snowflake pajamas, geese pajamas and even some camo pajamas that feature flowers.

Geese Pink Camo

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