Womens Flannel Pajama SetsThese are womens flannel pajama sets. This means they include a covering for the upper and lower body (Shirt & Pants). Typically these are a button front shirt with long sleeves and long pants. Most of the long pants feature a drawstring waist rather than elastic. Multiple sizes are available, none of the “one size fits all” or “one size fits most” issues. Of course these are made of 100% cotton flannel, the softest on earth. We have lots of patterns, a few are shown below. We have Red Reindeer pajamas and blue reindeer pajamas as well as a cartoon reindeer pajama set. Click on any image to see details…

Womens Flannel Pajama Set Womens Flannel Pajama Sets Womens classic Flannel Pajama Set
Red Reindeerreindeer flannel pajamas Red Snowflakessnowflake flannel pajamas Reindeer Puppiesreindeer flannel pajamas

Flannel reindeer pajamas
Blue Reindeer Hot Chocolatemoose flannel pajamas Coffee Mugs

Womens Flannel Pajama Sets

Most of the ones shown here are holiday themed. One the detail page you will be able to see lots of other womens flannel pajama sets with non-holiday themes. They are available in plain, subdued patterns as well as in bright, cheerful and colorful patterns. These Womens flannel Pajamas sets are meant to be cozy, comfortable and most of all enjoyed! Of course if you need to give Mrs Claus some ideas, just point her in this direction for all sorts of Family Christmas Pajama ideas. Did you see the two different styles of Reindeer pajamas that we have here? How about the polar bear and penguin pajamas?

If you’re interested in short sleeve pajamas please check out our other detail page. If you ever wonder why we’re so crazy about flannel, check out this article to see why we love flannel. It is especially wonderful when used for Mens or Womens flannel pajama sets, (kids too).

Please let us know what you think of Womens Flannel Pajama Sets below in the comments section. More importantly let us know your favorite patterns.

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