On this page you’ll see several different variations of Women’s Flannel Nightshirts.  The variations are basically around the dimensions and the styling.  Most flannel night shirts have full length sleeves though some may only have about 3/4 length sleeves.  You occasionally might find a half sleeve or one that goes just to the elbow.

Moose Bears
Full button front fleece

The next variable on the flannel nightshirt to consider is the length of the body.  Some can be downright scanty barely making it below the glutes, but in flannel those are rare.  More typical lengths are mid thigh or for those really cold nights, mid calf or perhaps longer.  The longer lengths are usually classified as night gowns.

The next thing to consider with the flannel nightshirt is the style.  The front may button the entire length from top to bottom so that it can be put on or taken off just like a regular man’s dress shirt or woman’s blouse.  The other style is to have some  buttons from the neck down to the sternum or middle of the chest.  In this case, the flannel nightshirt must be put on and taken off over the head.  Some of these nightshirts are made from fleece, not flannel.  Fleece is a synthetic fabric that won’t unravel when cut because, unlike flannel, it is not woven. Several of the patterns below come in several colors. For example, the simple striped pattern by Carole is available in Blue, Aqua, Pink and Lilac. Click on the picture to see the available colors.

Flannel Full button front

Frankie & Johnny
Frankie & Johnny
“Night Owl”
The Cat’s Pajamas

“Happy Snow Day”
Frankie & Johnny

Flannel Partial button front

Woolrich Women’s
Cozy Flannel Nightshirt
Many Colors & patterns
Hatley Women’s
“Pink Bears”
Izod Women’s
Plaid print
“Blue Labs”

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