Womens Flannel Boxers

What could be more comfortable than flannel boxers? If it is too hot for the wearer to enjoy the warmth and complete coverage of Womens Flannel Pajama Pants then these might be just what the doctor ordered! Made of the same, super-soft, wonderfully comfortable, cotton flannel as all the other flannel items found here these boxers are the greatest. (Cont Below…)

Features of Womens Flannel Boxer shorts

On this page, all of the Womens flannel boxers are 100% cotton flannel. Most feature an elastic waistband and are “full” cut meaning they are more accommodating, size wise than a “standard” cut. Please review the details after clicking on the image. Some of the womens flannel boxers feature a hidden pocket that is suitable for small items like keys, coins or loose bills.

Womens Flannel Boxers Women Flannel Boxers Womens Flannel Boxer Shorts Women Flannel Boxer Shorts
Renee boxer
boxer shorts
Madras Boxers Brown/Pink

Womens flannel sleepwear
Pink Boxers Lavender
Neon “Shorty”
Boxer shorts
Holiday Flannel

Penguins Love Tatoo Horses Dogs

While many of these womens flannel boxers were not designed or intended to be sleepwear, there is nothing that says they can’t be used as such. The material being 100% cotton flannel is very soft and supple, providing lots of comfort and breathability. As previously mentioned womens flannel boxer shorts are great when you are warmer than the flannel pajama pants would be necessary for. We hope you find this information on Womens flannel boxers and womens flannel boxer shorts to be both informative and useful to you. Please let us know how we did in the comments section below.

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