First things first. Nick & Nora is a registered trademark® so that’s why I’ve put the little circled R by it, if I figure out how, I’ll put one up in the title too.  Not all of these are true cotton flannel.  Some are fleece which to me feels very similar to flannel.  So if you have your heart set on flannel, please check the description carefully before ordering.  Everything here is the Nick &Nora brand.

Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora® Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel christmas Pajamas

Nick & Nora christmas Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora christmas Pajamas Nick & Nora® Women’s Flannel Pyjamas
Nick & Nora® Christmas Pyjamas

ALL ITEMS discontinued or OUT OF STOCK 🙁

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