Flannel Pajama Sets are perfect for those cold wintery nights and even lounging during those late morning rises when you get to peruse the Sunday paper. There are lots to choose from, my personal favorite are the ones that have the button crew neck. I can unbutton them to get them over my monster-sized melon head and then button them up to prevent any breezes from going down my neck. Keeps them from getting all stretched out, yay!

Woolrich plaid flannel pajamas Club room Campbell plaid flannel pajamas Club room Blackwatch plaid flannel pajamas
Plaid Pajama
Lots of Colors!
Club Room
Campbell Plaid
Club Room
Blackwatch Plaid

club room flannel pajamas
Woolrich Flannel Plaid
Club Room Flannel Pajamas
Club Room
Button Crew Neck
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Izod Big & Tall
Knit Flannel Pajamas
Fun Winter Prints
Bears, Moose, Snowflakes

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