Mens flannel Pajama Pants

Just like the women’s flannel pajama pants shown on the other page, these mens flannel pajama pants are designed for men. The biggest difference is most have a fly and an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring. Check out the numerous choices shown on this page whether you’re shopping for that special someone or providing a hint to Mrs. Claus. We’ll have a page devoted to mens themed pajama pants soon (check back often, cont below)…

These mens flannel pajama pants are perfect for men because they are stylish, practical and comfortable. Most are 100% Cotton flannel (my favorite) although some have a small amount of polyester in them for improved wear. Please read the description if, like me, you’re willing to sacrifice some durability of your mens flannel pajama pants for the ultimate in cotton flannel comfort.

Mens Flannel Pajama Pants
Nautica Grey
Jones Plaid
Beer Mugs Hatley Moose Nautica

Mens flannel pajama pants Nautica mens Flannel Pajama pants Nautica mens Flannel Pajama pants
Several Pendleton patterns
Click to see
Nautica Red
Theo Plaid
Nautica Blue
Edison Plaid
Nautica Grey

Mens Flannel Pajama pants – Features

As mentioned before most of these mens christmas pajama pants have elastic waistbands and most include a drawstring. The other distinguishing item for these flannel Christmas pants for men is that most have a fly. Obviously the women’s do not. The last distinguishing feature for the Christmas flannel pajamas pants for men is that a lot of these include front/side pockets. Please review the details for each one available by clicking on the image to see what features they include and what the material is if not 100% cotton flannel. There are lots of choices in patterns and colors to choose from. We’re adding more all the time.

Several patterns,
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Blue Labs
Christmas Ornaments
Savile Row
Blue Grey Checks


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Sorry, but were currently experiencing stock issues with the below Mens flannel Pajama pants. as they become available, we’ll move them back up above.

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