Mens Flannel Boxers

What could be more comfortable than flannel boxers? If it is too hot for the wearer to enjoy the warmth and complete coverage of Mens Flannel Pajama Pants then these might be just what the doctor ordered! Made of the same, super-soft, wonderfully comfortable, cotton flannel as all the other flannel items found here these boxers are the greatest. Be sure to review the details found be clicking on the individual item as some of these have a faux fly. The reason that the Mens flannel boxers might have the faux fly is that they are meant to be outer-wear and are therefor trying to minimize embarrassing situations by preventing “overexposure” so to speak… 😉 (Cont Below…)

Features of Mens Flannel Boxer shorts

On this page, all of the mens flannel boxers are 100% cotton flannel. Most feature a button fly, elastic waistband and are “full” cut meaning they are more accommodating, size wise than a “standard” cut. Please review the details after clicking on the image. Some of the mens flannel boxers feature a hidden pocket that is suitable for small items like keys, coins or loose bills.

Mens Flannel Boxers
Fun assorted
Flannel Boxers
Plaid Flannel
(multiple choices-
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Jockey Brand Flannel shorts
(NO Fly)

Majestic Brand Youth Size
Flannel Boxers
Pink Flannel Boxers Holiday Flannel

Thanks for visiting our page about Mens Flannel boxers. Check back often, we’ll soon have a page devoted to themed flannel boxers. Let us know what you think below in the comments section of our page. Also let us know if you would like us to add a section for Womens flannel boxers.

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