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On this page you’ll see several different variations of Women’s Flannel Nightshirts.  The variations are basically around the dimensions and the styling.  Most flannel night shirts have full length sleeves though some may only have about 3/4 length sleeves.  You occasionally might find a half sleeve or one that goes just to the elbow.

Moose Bears
Full button front fleece

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First things first. Nick & Nora is a registered trademark® so that’s why I’ve put the little circled R by it, if I figure out how, I’ll put one up in the title too.  Not all of these are true cotton flannel.  Some are fleece which to me feels very similar to flannel.  So if you have your heart set on flannel, please check the description carefully before ordering.  Everything here is the Nick &Nora brand.

Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora® Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel christmas Pajamas

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Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

On this page you can see various options for families to dress alike by purchasing matching family Christmas pajamas. Not only can you get flannel pajamas for Mom’s, Dad’s and Kid’s you can can get them that match for everyone in the family. This is an especially good thing if you want to do a family photo, be it for your Christmas card or posterity. When you buy these be careful if you want everyone to have flannel as some of the matching sets have polyester pieces for either the parents or the kids. Also, if you want to include your pet in the photo,

Matching Family Christmas pajamas Matching Family winter Deer Christmas Pajamas
Matching Green Plaid Winter Deer Matching Red Tartan

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Flannel Pajama Sets are perfect for those cold wintery nights and even lounging during those late morning rises when you get to peruse the Sunday paper. There are lots to choose from, my personal favorite are the ones that have the button crew neck. I can unbutton them to get them over my monster-sized melon head and then button them up to prevent any breezes from going down my neck. Keeps them from getting all stretched out, yay!

Woolrich plaid flannel pajamas Club room Campbell plaid flannel pajamas Club room Blackwatch plaid flannel pajamas
Plaid Pajama
Lots of Colors!
Club Room
Campbell Plaid
Club Room
Blackwatch Plaid

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Mens flannel Pajama Pants

Just like the women’s flannel pajama pants shown on the other page, these mens flannel pajama pants are designed for men. The biggest difference is most have a fly and an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring. Check out the numerous choices shown on this page whether you’re shopping for that special someone or providing a hint to Mrs. Claus. We’ll have a page devoted to mens themed pajama pants soon (check back often, cont below)…
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Flannel Nightgowns are the best! The flannel is ultra comfortable and the nightgown makes a feminine statement. Nightshirts are similar but shorter. Below you will find a selection of choices. The ones I think are the nicest are the very first and very last ones on the page. Can you tell my favorite color in nightgowns?

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Charter Club
Holiday Gown
Out of Stock
Carole Floral Long Gown Liesure Life
Granny Gown