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Flannel Pajama Pants are a comfortable option especially if you have your own favorite shirt that you prefer to wear. The pants below all feature a drawstring front and are made out of comfortable, warm, cotton flannel.

Flannel pajama pants

Styles slightly different, patterns match…

Infant, footed Pet Bandanna
Youth Toddler
Woman’s Woman’s Nightshirt
Kid’s Men’s
Snowflakes Sheep Moose

Womens Flannel Pajama Pants Jersey Top

These Women’s flannel pajamas Pants jersey top are the perfect thing for that cold wintery night. Most of these Flannel Pajamas are Christmas themed. The choices are geese, moose, sheep, trees waiting to be cut down for Christmas, snowflakes, Penguins and sheep. I said sheep twice because there are several choices involving sheep. There are a couple of non-Christmas motif ones to choose from but they are cute just the same. These pajama sets all feature Read the rest of this entry

short sleeve cotton pajama setLet me start by saying these Short Sleeve Cotton Pajamas are NOT Flannel and they are NOT related to Christmas. OK, you’re thinking to yourself “why are they on this site that appears to be devoted to Christmas Flannel Pajamas?” The reason is Read the rest of this entry

This style is probably one that you wouldn’t want to wear in the winter of Norway, probably more like Hawaii. The one on the left is actually flannel, the others, Not so much…

Flannel Chemise Sleep Club
100% Cotton
Intimo Soft Knit
Chemise w/ Lace

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Wonderfully warm pajamas for women. These are traditional style pajamas, meaning separate pants and shirt. The top is fashioned like a coat in that it is oversized for extra roominess and comfort. It has a button front which makes it easy to put on and take off. Since it is an oversize coat style, you may not have to unbutton it to get it off, simply

Charter Club Pajamas
Home for the Holiday
Charter Club Pajamas
Bright Nights Button Front

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Womens Flannel Pajama SetsThese are womens flannel pajama sets. This means they include a covering for the upper and lower body (Shirt & Pants). Typically these are a button front shirt with long sleeves and long pants. Most of the long pants feature a drawstring waist rather than elastic. Multiple sizes are available, none of the “one size fits all” or “one size fits most” issues. Of course these are made of Read the rest of this entry

All of these drop seat adult footed Pajamas are meant for men or women and are Unisex in size. They are all made of my second favorite pajama material: fleece. While I much prefer 100% cotton Flannel, these fleece drop seat footed pajamas for adults are almost as comfy. (cont. below)

Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Red Penguins Puppy Pawprints Red Snowflakes
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas
Blue Penguins HOT Pink Blue Snowflakes

I bet if you put them on in a dark room and were even the least bit tired, you’d never know till you woke up in the morning and even then you may not realize they’re not flannel.

There are numerous options over 4 dozen, most of these here are more “Christmasy” than some of the others, but if you don’t see what you like here, look at the additional styles and colors once you’re on the detail page for the one closest to what you think you want.

The plain color drop seat adult footed pajamas (or not) make a good base for a DIY halloween costume. Bright yellow you could be a banana, bright red add a stem and become a “red Hot chili pepper”, purple is obviously a grape and blue is a blueberry. Add some trimmings that equate to stems and / or leaves and you’re good to go. The reason I say they make a good base for the costumes is that if you attach a lot of things, you don’t have to worry about becoming all “discombobulated” while “taking care of business” simply open the flap and “get ‘er done”.
Drop Seat Adult footed pajamas

So what will you do with your drop seat adult footed pajamas?


On this page you’ll see several different variations of Women’s Flannel Nightshirts.  The variations are basically around the dimensions and the styling.  Most flannel night shirts have full length sleeves though some may only have about 3/4 length sleeves.  You occasionally might find a half sleeve or one that goes just to the elbow.

Moose Bears
Full button front fleece

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First things first. Nick & Nora is a registered trademark® so that’s why I’ve put the little circled R by it, if I figure out how, I’ll put one up in the title too.  Not all of these are true cotton flannel.  Some are fleece which to me feels very similar to flannel.  So if you have your heart set on flannel, please check the description carefully before ordering.  Everything here is the Nick &Nora brand.

Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora® Women’s Flannel Pajamas Nick & Nora Women’s Flannel christmas Pajamas

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Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

On this page you can see various options for families to dress alike by purchasing matching family Christmas pajamas. Not only can you get flannel pajamas for Mom’s, Dad’s and Kid’s you can can get them that match for everyone in the family. This is an especially good thing if you want to do a family photo, be it for your Christmas card or posterity. When you buy these be careful if you want everyone to have flannel as some of the matching sets have polyester pieces for either the parents or the kids. Also, if you want to include your pet in the photo,

Matching Family Christmas pajamas Matching Family winter Deer Christmas Pajamas
Matching Green Plaid Winter Deer Matching Red Tartan

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Flannel Nightgowns are the best! The flannel is ultra comfortable and the nightgown makes a feminine statement. Nightshirts are similar but shorter. Below you will find a selection of choices. The ones I think are the nicest are the very first and very last ones on the page. Can you tell my favorite color in nightgowns?

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Charter Club
Holiday Gown
Out of Stock
Carole Floral Long Gown Liesure Life
Granny Gown