Are you feeling a bit nostalgic?

Well these adult footed pajamas will help in that regard. Affectionately referred to as “footies” these pajamas are sure to bring back fond memories of your childhood. There are numerous patterns and types of material to choose from. the most common fabrics are 100% cotton flannel and variations of fleece or micro-fleece. There are only a couple of “real” decisions to make when considering buying some of these “old-timers.”

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Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas NO Drop Seat Cotton Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat Cotton Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas Drop Seat Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas NO Drop Seat

The first thing is the material, it’s going to be rubbing against almost every square inch of your body so make sure you choose something soft and yes if you look hard enough you can find woolen ones. Next do you want to have a drop seat or not? While it offers ease of access to the midnight potty excursions, they can be drafty depending on how they are held shut. As an adult you can probably get them undone and off if you really need too. Still the drop seat is much more nostalgic.

How does it close up in front? Does it use buttons or does it have a zipper? If it has a zipper is it like your toddlers that zips from the ankle to neck or is it more like a pair of workmen’s coveralls, with a zipper from the crotch to neck? That’s all there is to it. Once you find a style you like you’ll probably spend a lot more time worrying about the pattern.

What do I like? Well personally, I never liked, and still don’t, having anything on my feet when I’m sleeping. So if I were to buy a pair of pajamas like this it wouldn’t have feet.

Walking the Dog

#81 in his BigFoot PJ’s!

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