Flannel Christmas Pajamas

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For many families, receiving a new pair of flannel Christmas pajamas is a Christmas tradition.  It started  with our first child who’s in college and continues today with the younger kids.  We’ve combined it with the tradition of going to church on Christmas evening instead of on Christmas Day.  (Cont. below…)

Flannel Christmas Pajamas = Warm, Wonderful Tradition

We all pile into the car and start buckling up when mom “forgets” something in the house. She hurries back to the house and retrieves the forgotten item. Sometimes it’s a bottle of wine or perhaps a loaf or two of pumpkin bread. It might be an umbrella, a sweater for one of the kids or even a special color of lipstick. But back she comes to the car with the forgotten item happily rescued under her arm. Off we go to church for a joyous and festive service, Jesus is born! When we get home a couple of hours later, the kids lead the charge to the house in a raucous, giggly, fun filled and expectant return.  Usually, but not always, there are a number of packages on the front porch.  There is one for each child written in a vaguely familiar handwriting that looks like Mrs. Claus.  The handwriting has a characteristic shake that looks as if Mrs Claus suffers from Parkinson’s.  Out of each bag, packed with tissue paper, comes a brand new pair of flannel Christmas pajamas.  They have the fresh scent of having been lovingly washed and dried on a spring breeze.  I wonder where she keeps them for so many months?

As I said earlier, the flannel christmas pajamas are usually on the front porch, but not always.  One time they were all under the tree and the tree lights had been turned on!  One year they were sitting on the hearth next to the fireplace.  One year they were on the back porch and one year they were in the back yard, but most of the time they are neatly lined up on the front porch. They are arranged in formation like a small army trying to defend themselves from the attack of the happy kids.  Out come the pajamas sometimes there are angels on them other times candy canes.  Bears, Christmas trees, snowflakes and reindeer often adorn the soft flannel.  No matter what is imprinted on the flannel, invariably there are smiles galor.  Some years they are toothless, other years show braces and still others are smiles that are perfectly straight, but always smiles.

Start your own wonderful tradition with flannel Christmas pajamas for your kids.  Send an early letter to Mrs. Claus, maybe she’ll stop at your house on the way to ours!! 🙂
In case you’re wondering what flannel is, check out this description. This video shows flannel being made. Fleece is a different fabric and you can see it being made here.