Have you ever thought of getting matching family Christmas Pajamas for your family? Have you thought of including your dog or cat in the festivities? It could be a lot of fun and there are innumerable options to choose from.

Matching Christmas Pajamas, the Basics

When choosing the PJs for the whole family, keep in mind that not everyone will look as good as everyone else in a particular style or cut. It is best to keep your choice simple. You have been told about the KISS principle right? (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) What you want to remember when you set your sights on similarity is the style and the color and also the material that it is made from.

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas, Color

This may be the most difficult to cover and get right depending on the size and variety of your family. By size I mean is just two of your or are you like the Duggar’s with 19 kids? Even if your family is small, you may want to try and do something with your extended family which increases the complexity of the challenge. We’ll cover size as in enormity or scarcity later. It might also be more difficult to get the color right if you are in a blended family where one person is a very dark black and the spouse is very fair. Sort of like the “Ebony and Ivory” dilemma. Or you could just have a weird set of genes and end up with an eclectic mix of skin tones. 4 of our kids have varying shades of red hair with lots of matching freckles, my hair used to be strawberry blond, but no more just brown. Our fifth child, right in the middle age wise is relatively dark and in the summer time can almost pass herself off as Italian.

So with so much red hair, red matching family Christmas pajamas would be a bad idea. We would have to find a green that compliments the hair or see if we could find something in a pastel blue or pink. Of course the boys would complain about being dressed in pink probably more so than the girls having to wear blue. But that brings up one possible solution to the dilemma. Maybe you find complimentary colors such that some wear one color and others wear something different. Perhaps tie it all together with similar pants.

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas, Style

Fortunately, most pajamas are done as pants and shirts. But if you’re feeling adventurous you can find them in a nightshirt style or in a footed style. Carefully consider the body styles, as pants often accentuate hips, making them look bigger that they really are. Nothing like wearing a bright red pair of pants to say look at my fanny. The night shirt style is probably the most complementary to someone with big hips, but a lot of men don’t like wearing them… I don’t mind and in fact like the change of pace. My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t like the night shirt style because it doesn’t keep her legs warm enough… So, by definition we would never have matching Christmas pajamas in the nightshirt style.

It is possible that we could find a nightshirt style for me and something in the same color or same print pattern in a different style. The similar print pattern or matching colors might be enough to capture or create the matching family Christmas pajamas effect.

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas, Material

The material doesn’t really matter when your matching one another, but it is an important consideration. Is anyone in the family allergic to any particular material? Does anyone not like the feel of a specific material? Personally, I detest polyester. Of course you can guess what my favorite material is Cotton Flannel as in flannel Christmas Pajamas. Babies love the material, and their skin probably doesn’t tolerate wool too well. Silk is probably not practical for kids as it is extremely difficult to clean.

So how will you define your own style of matching family Christmas Pajamas?